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Thai Air Asia Angel June 09

“Congratulations!!! Kamolwan!!! I called from Air Asia…” – 18.03, 11/06/09


     Never knew this day will come!!! So finally, my dream has come true, because Ajarn Aum has helped me fulfill it, along with my family and friends^^.


     I always thought I was the unluckiest girl of the world, which is comparable to this idiom: “When it rains, it pours,” because when something odd happened to me, it went on forever.


On February


     “A 3.95 GPA girl with clear skin and complexion and able to communicate in multiple languages failed on her 1st time of airline walk-in at the prescreen-round??? How useless???”


     I remember my 1st time of walk-in at Korean Airline, I failed since the prescreen-round, and it had totally taken away my confidence and self-esteem. Besides, I kept blaming myself for being useless and unprepared.” Then couple months later after I graduated, I was unemployed. So all I did was staying home like a wilted flower, and taking care of my Grandmom.


     But after the rain, there is the rainbow and Ajarn Aum was the rainbow of rescue to my life.  This rainbow filled up me up with hopes and colored up my life. I still remember before I met Ajarn Aum, I rang her to arrange an appointment for the course’s prescreen & interview twice, but then I canceled them by the end of the day. Imagine, if it was my mom, she would have scolded at me to death!!! But NO! Ajarn did not get annoyed or show any irritated manners, and instead, she spoke to me nicely and said “it’s ok ka.”


     By fate (created by my mom, making the appointment with Ajarn), I got to meet Ajarn at last. But because my family’s facing financial problem, we could not afford to take the course with Ajarn Aum, and so we decided to cancel the course booking with Ajarn again. Unbelievably, Ajarn didn’t get angry, and instead, she offered me help, gave me opportunities to work with her as a personal assistant, provided free scholarship for the course, and even pays me a salary.


On May


     Working at Ajarn Aum’s place is so much fun for me!!! Although I got to work for Ajarn in only a month, I had learned and grown up a lot. Not only have my personality and appearance improved, my ways of thinking, communication skill, (instant) problem solving skill, E.Q. and appeal have also gone up in a positive way, and I am able to speak up more. Other than that, Ajarn also encouraged the students to love each other and always help each other when in need. Ajarn always reminded us that “the enemies out there are already looking forward to grind us down, so never getting jealous among ourselves or getting into conflict.” So a warm community among the students does exist and I have had a chance to experience it myself. Nonetheless, the atmosphere and environment at Ajarn Aum’s place is also very international (Westernize: British Teachers) and close-bonded, which I enjoyed a lot.

     I could say, now I have more friends than I ever had in University!!! No Bragging Seriously!!! Besides, Ajarn Aum’s Parents are also very supportive, kind and nice.


OMANIntensive Period


     During OMAN Intensive Course period, Ajarn Aum was very contributive I can tell. She didn’t have time to sleep, because she was up all night for many days, busy correcting 80 of the students’ work. No matter how tired Ajarn was, she had never complained, and surprisingly, she could still smile and keep up her regular course schedule. That’s all because of love and care Ajarn has for all the students


What We GOT


     Not only did Ajarn give us knowledge in class, Ajarn also encouraged all the students to participate in all the on-field cabin crew recruitments, so that the students get to feel and experience the actual field in order to get ourselves familiar with it. OH! OH! And Ajarn always made us smile no matter what condition we are in. In class, we smile. In toilet, we smile. At bus stations, we smile. In taxi, we smile. Basically, smiles are everywhere!!!! Because we all have a common belief that when one smiles, it can influence the rest to smile like a chain link.


Special Thank Message to Ajarn Aum


     I would like to say “Thank You very Much to Ajarn Aum,” for giving me a new life, with a lot more nice friends, with memorably valuable experiences, with love and fun, with patience and strength, and a lot more can’t be described in just a day.

Ajarn ka, if it wasn’t you who reached out your arms and accepted me that day, this name “Kamolwan Poon” will never ever be carved on Thai Air Asia Flight Attendant’s Badge.

--------“ขอบคุณคะ Aj. Aum”


P.S.,Ajarn ka, please cut off the amount of Lay’s potato chips and chocolate consumptions on your diet, because it won’t be any healthier for your diet and weight loss naaaa ;P



Special Thank to my family


To Mom,

     Mommy, thank you so much for all your supports, love, care and hardship. I know you are the Best Mother EVER!!! I know I haven’t been a helpful daughter back then, but from now on, I will take care of you and the family.


To Bros (Jack & Jup),

     Thank you for all the supports, Kor and Jup, especially the transportation and shift role with me to take care of Grandmom na Jup.


To Grandmom,

     Thank You Grandmom for your encouragement. I know deep inside you’re praying for me ^^


    Thank You to all the supporters (friends) na ja^^



Brilliant Belle

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